York Region English Country Dancers

YRECD virtual dances over Zoom

Until we can dance again in real life, I am running virtual dances over Zoom.
They are at 2:00 to 3:30 on the first, third, and (when there is one) fifth Saturdays of the month (Canadian/American Eastern time).
Singles and couples welcome.

These classes are beginner-friendly, but not solely beginner-targetted — we do a range of difficulties of dances, but everything is explained as needed.

If your e-mail program doesn't tell me your first and last name, please specify. Anything you wanted to say about your dance experience, where you live, where you usually dance, etc, would be very welcome! I'm always interested to meet dancers.

You're also welcome to e-mail me your other questions about English Country Dance, whether over Zoom or in real life. I always want to talk about dance.